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Here is a recent presentation I gave to the Young Leaders of Tomorrow about Fiduciary Oversight

2015-09-28 Young Leaders of Tomorrow Presentation

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Recently an article I wrote was published on the Charity Village website.

Read the article here:

Building better boards: Strengthening fiduciary and risk oversight

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Read on to discover why flexibility is important in any shared service arrangements

Read the article – Performance-based contracting and the road less traveled by Andy Akrouche

Thought provoking article and comments on the concept of emergent strategy to better address the complexity of social change.

Read the article – Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World

Read this article to discover recommendations that have the potential to create datasets useful for evidence-based decision-making in solving social problems.

Read the article – Big Data for Social Innovation


Boosting Nonprofit Board Performance

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Excellent lessons on transitioning new leaders.

Read the article – Boosting Nonprofit Board Performance Where it Counts

Learn how to reduce risk associated with outsourcing activities.

Read the article – Risk Management Throughout the Vendor Relationship Lifecycle


Bigger Data, Smaller Risk

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Interesting insights into how big data will impact risk management.

Read the article – Bigger Data, Smaller Risk

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Uncovering the benefit of Internal Audit for non profit organizations.

Read the Article – 5 Steps for a High-Performing Internal Audit Function

Discover how nonprofits can benefit from Enterprise Risk Management.

Read the articleHow Enterprise Risk Management Can Help Not For Profits Thrive