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Culture Clash – Audit and Risk

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See article for emerging insights into auditing corporate culture.


Success Factors in Nonprofit Mergers

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With the push by funders to streamline the service system, here is some interesting research to consider.

Success Factors Synopsis

Success Factors Full Report

Time and again when working with my clients I see them making similar mistakes. Not only can these mistakes be costly, but they can also be time consuming as Managers feel as if they are stuck in the hiring and training cycle.

Here is a fantastic article that I would like to share about creating a strategic plan so that you can find the right candidate for your next hire:

The Right Fit

I would love to hear your thoughts and other advice you might have for how you believe strategic planning plays a key role in the hiring process.



Staffing Trends

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In doing some research I found a fantastic article about staffing trends that I believe is worthy of sharing. As noted in the Staffing Trends Report, the good news is that staffing levels have remained steady despite the economy. Challenges, particularly for smaller organizations, continue to be competitive compensation, obtaining the right skills and advancement opportunities.

Here is a copy of the article:

Staffing Trends Report

After you have read the article, feel free to leave your comments below.